White Sissy 4 BBC

Sissy place is to serve the BBC

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Black Owned white sissy


i found long ago that i enjoy dressing and acting like a sissy as well as that i enjoy sucking cock. In other words i knew i was a sissy bitch with a very submissive side. i went down on guys when i had a chance and always enjoy knowing i could make the cum with my mouth.

As time went on i became more submissive finding an attraction to and admiration of Black Men. After i finally got an chance to kneel before a Black Man taking his wonderful Black cock in my mouth and feeling it grow as i licked and sucked i knew where i belonged. As i did this he told me i belonged on my knees serving the Superior Black Cock.. and i knew he was right… once he was hard i was more the willing to give my sissy ass up for him to enjoy in hopes i was good enough he would want me again sometime… With that said i also know as a submissive trust is required between a Dom and his sub.. and know that once that trust is there a white sissy can be a wonderful toy for a Black Master and his Black Friends… the following story which for now is fiction can only happen after that trust has been found…

Master had infomed me that i was to be available for him on Saturday night.. while i lived and worked mainly as a male most knew i was a sissy and i never tryed to hide it from the people in my apartment group. i dressed and went to clubs at night sometimes and Master would when he felt like it drop by to enjoy his white sissy cunt.  i was very proud to be a white sissy owned by a Black Master who enjoyed me for what i was and never thought a lot about it. i had belonged to Master for some time and trusted him completely to take care of me as his property. Master was married but his wife knew he enjoyed dominating white sissy sluts such as i and did not mind that he had bought me from a pervious Master. i had even been in their house serving as a maid during some dinner parties they had, as well as doing the after party clean up before i left.

Saturday evening Master emailed me as to what i should be wearing for him that night as he said he was taking me to a get together to show me off.. the out fit was to be a thong panty keeping my little clit out of site.. and it also showed the tattoo on my sissy ass idenitifying me as a “Black Owned white sissy”. i was also to wear a correst top with my breast forms, a garter belt and stockings all in Black. The dress was to be a short Red one he knew i owned there barely covered my stocking  tops. Since i was being taken out to be displayed i knew my collar and leash would also be required..

i finished dressing at the time Master had told me to be ready and he arrived shortly there after coming in with his key as i kneeled before him.. Master told me i had done well and that i should enjoy myself tonight as i would be meeting several Black Men and Women who enjoyed white sissy bitches like me. Master then took my collar and placed it around my neck and hooking the leash in the collar. Master then lead me to the car on the leash, something i had gotten use to, however some people still didn’t know what to think when they saw me being lead like a bitch dog on a leash… i opened Master driver door and he entered the car as i moved to the other side and slide in beside him…  i said nothing as we drove for several miles to an area of town i had not been in before… the homes where nice large and the lawns well maintained. As we approached one house i noticed several cars in the drive way as Master turned in parking a couple of hundered feet from the house near the road.  Master looked to me letting me know we were at the place he was taking me and i got out went around and opened his door letting him out… Master looked at me and said “remove the dress slut, leave it in the car” i took off my dress and laid it in the car standing out in the dirveway in only my thong pantes, heels hose garter belt and correst top . Master then told me to put my hands behind me and as i did he handcuffed them there.. taking the leash he said “follow your Master you white whore.. the Superiors here will enjoy having you to use tonight”

With that he lead me up the drive way as car where passing out side and to the door.. where i was told to heel..dropping to my knees beside Master he then rang the door bell… my tattoo was new and i was very proud of it as i knew all the Superior Black Men and Women would have a good view of it with the thong panty on me…as the door opened Master handed my leash to the Black Man at the door saying “would you put this dog in the kennel until until we are ready to play with her”? The Black Man took the leash and i knew by what Master had just said that i was to crawl like a dog and follow this Superior Black Man to the kennel i herad several comments from the Superior Black Men and Women as i was lead though the house and out the back door to a dog kennel. When we got there i found i was the only bitch of my type there the other dogs in the kennel where real and i was place in a clean kennel with a dog bowl with dog food and a water bowl, the cage was small and i had little room but made myself comfortable until i was called for…

i waited for several hours thinking about some of the handsome Black Men i had caught sight of as i was lead though the house, hopeing i might have a chance to kneel and serve them, to show them my submission to them and my Master and to please them like the white sissy bitch i was…. Then i heard some voices and saw Master and a couple of other Black Men walking toward the cage, i could hear Master telling them what a good bitch i was and how he had enjoyed training me to perform in a way that pleased him.. he also told them he thought everyone would enjoy me or at least enjoy watching me serve… the other Black Men laughed and told him they wanted to try me out as soon as he got me back in the house…

Master hooked the leash in my collar and said come on out here dog letting me know i was to remain on my hands and knees and behave as a bitch dog on a leash. As i crawled out to position myself beside Master i received a leash command as i had been trained to responed to certain tuggs on my leash by doing certain things. This comman was to suck cock, and i looked up to Master to see who i was to perform for and saw him point to one of the Black Men with him.. at that i moved in front of this Man kneeling hands/paws up tongue out and whined looking straight at his growing crotch. He looked at Master saying “what the white bitch dog up too”?.. Master responded laughing “she is begging for a bone..you going to give her yours”? At that point the Man unzipped his pants and pulled out a very long semi hard Black Cock and looked at me and said “here you go bitch, show me how good you can be at sucking my bone”.. i moved up licked it like a dog..up the base to the head then slipped the head between my lips and went to work sucking and swallowing his wonderful Black cock… pushing down i felt it slip into my throat as his balls rested on my chin and my nose pushed into his body. “damn this cunt can take a cock all the way down…mmmm she is good” he said as i smiled to myself and started working harder to make him cum.. i wanted him to know i wanted it and would take it as Master was watching proudly as his pet perfromed. i pushed down and back up letting his wonderful black cock go deep in my throat, grabbing a quick breath of air as my throat cleared. i could tell he was getting harder as the head of his cock grew i had to relax my throat as much as i could to get it to go all the way in..on a few stroke i could force it all down before i needed air… but i also knew my throat was getting tighter on his cock head something i was sure would help me in my quest to make him cum. As i continued to fuck my throat with his cock i slip the back of my hand/paw under his ball sack and rubbed up to them. i increased the suckion on his cock working my tongue more on the shaft and head as i slide it out of my throat and just as i pushed it back in. On one up stroke i tasted pre cum and knew he could handle much more then i heard Master speak.. “you lowly white cocksucking cunt work his cock, make him cum whore, do the only thing you are fit for, taking cum for a Superior Black Man’s cock into your sissy belly” that was all it took to get the big Black cock i was sucking to start squirting… when it did i clamped down on it pushed it deep in my throat and let it shoot straight into my throat and down into my belly.. only near the end of his cum did i slide back so i could catch the last few squirts in my mouth and savor the taste. As his spent cock slipped from my lips Master patted my head ” good girl.. that is very good” Upon hearing that i knew to rise to my feet but only after cleaning the cock i had just drained and placeing it back in the Black Man’s pants. As i completed that tast i said “Thanks you SIR, it was an honor to serve you, and i hope you found me enjoyable”.

As i followed Master lead on my leash to the house i could hear the Black Man’s who bitter sweet cum taste was in my mouth tell the other Black Man what a hot little sissy cocksucker i was and that he had to try me out before the night was over.. i enjoyed the warm feeling i had from the Superior Black Man’s cum laying in my belly and wiggled my ass for both Black Men who where following knowing my tattoo was showing for all to see. As we approached the house Master look back to me and smiled saying “slut you made me proud back there, and i know you will make me proud as you perform before and for the Superior Blacks at this party. You know your place and i know you will do your best to please all as you have been trained to do.” i only smiled letting Master know i wanted very much to make him proud of me and let him know i was prepared to do what ever i was commanded to do in order to please, or entertain the Black Superiors at the party.

As we entered the house the Superior Black Man i had sucked off out side the dog cage started telling everyone what had happened when he went with Master to get the white sissy bitch out of the cage. In the corner of my eye i saw Master smiling as the Black Man told the story of what had just happened and how i was a wonderful sucker of Superior Black Cock and that every Man there should try me out sometime. At that point one large Black Lady took my leash from Master and lead me to a Black Man sitting in a chair as i approached i kneeled before him and felt the leash being pulled to rase my head to the Black Lady holding it. She looked at me and said “you white trash sissy cocksucker i want you to show my husband what you are good for, take his cock out and suck his cock until he fills your worthless belly with Black Cum”. With that i crawled forward as the hole room watched and undid his pants and released a thich and sexy Black Cock.. stroking it only a couple of times i moved in and took him in my mouth… knowing when i did he was going to try and push it to the bottom of my throat and not sure if i could handle it because it was very thick… but as his hand grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down on his cock i felt my nose against his body and i knew i had taken it all. At the same time this was going on i felt my panties being pulled to one side and a large cock slipping up and down my crack.. it was lubed and was preparing to slip inside me.. i opened up as best i could so the Superior Black Man could find my hole and enjoy me like the pussy i was… while all this was going on i knew i saw several video cameras as well as flashes from digtal cameras but never really concerned myself with the fact that this would be seen by many…i felt the cock head slip inside me and i backed up to it working to get more inside me.. the cock in my mouth was now fucking my face and the cock in my ass was starting to pound my asspussy hard and deep.. i was really enjoying the feeling of being used by these wonderful Superior Black Men..i was feeling so sexy so alive and so much like the Black Owned white sissy slut i was. The guy i was sucking took my head in both hands and started fucking my head with his cock and hands.. the guy behind me was now balls deep inside me and pounding and pounding away at my white whore ass…i was loving what was happening to me.

This was a wonderful evening as i was passed around between all the Superior Black Men and Women at the party doing everything i could to make sure each one enjoyed me and was pleased with me as a white sissy slut. i wanted more then anything to have Master be proud of the white sissy he Owned..i was willing to do anything i could for him and was proud to serve him. As the night wound down most every Black Man there had had me in some way, i had cum drying on me.. my asspussy was sore and open wide from all the cocks that had been fucking me.. a bowl was full of used condoms where they were thrown after i was fucked.. i had cum dryed on my body and my jars were almost locked from the face fucking i had received.. but i was a very happy white cunt. As the last Man finished with me i saw Master walking up.. he looked at me and smiled saying he was proud of me and that one thing made me a very happy cunt. Master ask if i was thirst and i told him yes, he pulled his cock from his pants and offered it to me. As i slipped my lips over the head i felt the warm flow of piss from him draining in my mouth.. mmmm i loved his salty warm drink and swallowed it as my mouth filled. the cum and piss in my belly had me filled now and i kissed Master cock head and put it back in his pants.. he then hooked his leash back to my collar and told me to come with him. i rose and followed Master though the house thanking all those that had used me that night and letting them know i was honored to have served them. Master lead me back down the drive way in the same matter he had lead me to the house, however since i was covered in cum and was some what nasty from my use he opened the car trunk and put me in there to transport me home. When we arrived home he simply hit the trunk release in side the car and i crawled out at my apratment house and closed the trunk. Master then drove away with my dress still in the care leaving me in the parking lot dressed like a hooker and covered in cum. i worked my way to my apartment and entered using the key i had stored out side. i was in the bath when the phone rang answering it i heard Master on the other end of the line. ” you did wonderfully to night my pet, i am very pleased with you so plan on more nights like tonight. I’ll bring your dress and purse by in the morning and leave them on the coffee table, sleep tight my pet for you earned a good night sleep” Was what Master said to me. i smiled to myself hung up the phone. Finishing my bath i made my way to bed and fell fast asleep, but was wondering what Master had planed for his white sissy slut in the future.